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About running club ERA – Elkonin Running Addicts

Who we are?

Welcome to the web page of the running club ERA.RUN. In our case “ERA” stands for Elkonin Running Addicts. We are united by the dependence on running and by our coach – Alexander Elkonin.

We are amateur runners of different levels and with different goals. Some of us run to lose weight, some are eager to run a marathon in less than 3 hours, some prefer to run 100+ km ultra-trail. And, surprisingly, our sports goals are fulfilled thanks to the regular and varied, sometimes difficult, but always reasonable training and thanks to the scientific approach of coach Alexander Elkonin.

Alexander has been training runners since 2014. He is a doctor by first diploma, PhD in medicine. Trail runner, ultramarathon runner. Lecturer at “Welcome to Run” school for coaches and at “Sportmarafon” auditorium.

When working with his students, Alexander Elkonin comes from the fact that running is only a hobby for them. So running has to be seamlessly built into their life mainstream along with job, family and other important activities. Therefore, he builds an individual training plan for everyone, not only on the basis of sports results, but also taking into account the specific current situation in his life. Yes, immersion into the personal circumstances of each one requires additional time. But it is important for our coach not to overload, not to break a person if job, household and sports tasks suddenly fall on him at the same time.

Александр Элконин на горе Сахарная

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