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Running coach online (remote coaching of athletes)

What information will coach take into account when making an individual training plan for you?

  • Your motivation and goal-setting – why do you run (weight loss? sports achievements? general health?)
  • Target competition (if any)
  • Age, height, weight, best time at different distances, pulse zones 
  • Running and sports background
  • Weekly training schedule, place and time convenient for you
  • Constraints (injuries, illness, other activities) and preferences
  • Trainings of the previous weeks
  • Life circumstances to be considered while plan developing
  • Feedback from the athlete (call, mail or messenger)

How is organized the training process?

Coach writes training plan for the week in Training Peaks program

Athlete performs training (3-6 per week, running + general physical exercises)

Watch (Garmin, Suunto, Polar) automatically upload report to Training Peaks

Athlete tells the coach about his health, limitations, wishes

Coach gives advices to athlete on recovery, adjusts training plan

Online programs of running trainings 

Running training camps for trailrunners

40 Euro for 1 training day. The price includes:

  • Developing and correction of the training plan during the running camp;
  • Distribution of workloads according to the goals and capabilities of participants;
  • Route development and guidance on the route;
  • Improvement of the running technique uphill and downhill in technically difficult areas, practice of the skills of moving with stick;
  • For pre-race camps – passing the sections of the competition route in training mode;
  • Adjustment of smooth running techniques if necessary, transfer it to technically demanding areas;
  • For pre-race camps – drawing up a plan for the race with help of the coach;
  • Unlimited advice of the running coach Alexander Elkonin;
  • A lot of running photos for your social networks;
  • ERA T-shirt as a gift to those who participate in the camp 3 or more days.
  • Accommodation, food and transport (flights and transfers) participants choose for their own taste and pay for them themselves.

Group running trainings with a coach

20 NIS per 1 training  (1 hour)

  • Scheduled  group trainings in Haifa City, Israel
  • Outdoors all year round
  • Schedule for each week – in Telegram @RunHaifa

Stages of running training:

  • Warm-up;
  • Special running exercises;
  • Speed-ups;
  • General physical exercises;
  • Stretching

In which locations coach conducts the group running trainings in Haifa, Israel?

Every Saturday at 6:00 am from Casino Bat Galim – see announcements in Telegram @RunHaifa
  • 32.833983, 34.976885
  • Sderot Bat Galim 1, Haifa
  • בצומת דרכים שדרות בת גלים ודרך רציף אהרון רוזנפלד

Individual running and fitness training with coach Alexander Elkonin

200 NIS for one training (1 hour) in Haifa.  Trainings are possible in other locations – to be agreed.

  • Trainings for realization of your personal goals
  • Analysis of running techniques and correction if necessary
  • Selection of exercises on individual request of athlete
  • Consulting of coach Alexander Elkonin during the training

In which locations coach organizes individual running trainings in Haifa, Israel?

At Sportek Stadium (Newe-Shaanan district)
  • 32.789163, 35.010553
  • Yohanan Ratner/Simha Golan Road, Haifa
  • בצומת דרכים יוחנן רטנר ודרך שמחה גולן
On the beach – from Casino Bat Galim
  • 32.833983, 34.976885
  • Sderot Bat Galim 1, Haifa
  • בצומת דרכים שדרות בת גלים ודרך רציף אהרון רוזנפלד

Video analysis of running technique

200 NIS / 50 Euro

How coach makes analysis of running technique via video:

  • Coach will send you instruction how to record short video fragments – a few seconds.
  • These fragments will be uploaded to the program of video analysis (iNalyse or Coach’s Eye).
  • Тренер проводит анализ технии бега, просматривая клипы в режиме замедленного повтора Coach analyzes running technique by watching clips in slow-motion mode  and review the record frame by frame.
  • The coach evaluates the overall motion pattern, position and trajectory of body segments in different phases of the running step. For explanation can be used auxiliary program tools (drawings, angle gauge, timeline), voice and text commentary.
  • On the base on the analysis, the athlete receives recommendations how to improve the running technique

Consulting of running coach and doctor Alexander Elkonin

Available at personal meeting or via video/audio call. Payment by agreement.

Trailrunner, experienced coach, PhD in Medical Science Alexander Elkonin will help you to understand:

  • How to plan the stages of the way to a particular start?
  • Is it possible to do sports (particularly running) in case of illness?
  • How to recover from a sports injury?
  • What to do when something hurts while running? What to do when something hurts while running  How to understand when to stop training?
  • What to do if there is no desired progress in training?

and any other questions related to the physiology of sports workload and organization of training process  

Running sportsware of ERA club

At cost of production. Participants of ERA Camps will receive ERA T-shirt as a gift

  • T-shirts, tank tops, longsleeves, bandanas, sleeves made of high-tech sports fabric
  • Comfortable and functional running wear with innovative technology
  • Production by Grom team, led by Mikhail Gromov (Grom competition series) 
  • Individual sign on the back is possible
  • Produced on your order
Any questions? Ask!