Running camps for trailrunning trainings.

What are the running camps and what is their purpose?  

What is the purpose of running camps for trailrunners?

•  Camp before a competition allow you to acclimatize in the mid-high mountains – 1000-2000 m. Many trail tracks are located at these altitude, and the inhabitants of the plains find out at these altitudes that even gentle uphill running becomes an unbearable load.

•  During the trainings in the camp you will be able to define the level of workload necessary to accomplish the track successfully. You will improve the technique of ascent and descent on technically difficult sections of the course.

•  You will gain experience of passing the key segments of the competition – after all, it is easier to run in a race in familiar places.

    What does the camp program include?

    • Training in the picturesque places of the mid-high mountains.

    •  Alternation of long-term steady load, interval sessions, technical drills uphill and downhill.

    •  Acquaintance with the features of the region, training of technical skills in conditions closest to the conditions of real race.

    •  Evening lectures on appropriate topics (sports physiology, theory and practice of building the training process, specific aspects for preparing for trails, race tactics, nutrition during the race, etc.).

    Running camps schedule 2023

    From 29.12.2022 to 08.01.2023 – Kemer (Turkey)

    From 06.04.2023 to 15.04.2023 – Tsaghkadzor (Armenia)

    From 22.09.23 to 13.10.23 – Cappadocia (Turkey)

    From 29.12.23 to 09.01.24 – Oludeniz (Turkey)

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