Running camp schedule - 2024

Welcome to ERA running camps for trailrunners 2024:
Ölüdeniz ERA Camp 2023 -2024

New Year Running Camp in Turkey

29.12.2023-09.01.2024 Oludeniz

Armenia ERA Camp 2024

Running camp in Armenia for trailrunners

28.04-12.05.2024 Tsaghkadzor

Tbilisi ERA Camp 2024

Pre-race running camp in Georgia

05.06-16.06.2024 Tbilisi

Training before Lisi Trail Festival

Cappadocia ERA Camp 2024

Pre-race running camp in Turkey

06.10-21.10.2024 Cappadocia

Fethiye ERA Camp 2024

New Year Running Camp in Turkey

27.12.2024-10.01.2025 Fethiye

New Year celebration in a great company. Mountains. Sea. Pakhlava

FAQ or 12 popular questions about running ERA Camps

1. How much cost participation?

40 euros for 1 training day. You can join the camp for any number of days that you wish.

2. What is included in the price?

    • Developing and correction of the training plan;;
    • Distribution of workloads according to the goals and capabilities of participants;
    • Route development and guidance on the route;
    • Improvement of the running technique uphill and downhill in technically difficult areas, practice of the skills of moving with sticks;
    • For pre-race camps - passing the sections of the competition route in training mode;
    • Adjustment of smooth running techniques if necessary, transfer it to technically demanding areas;
    • For pre-race camps - drawing up a plan for the race with the help of a coach;
    • Unlimited advice of the running coach Alexander Elkonin;
    • A lot of running photos for your social networks.

ERA T-shirt as a gift to those who participate in the camp 3 or more days (when registering for the camp one month before camp. Then – T-shirts if available, ERA bandana – guaranteed, because T-shirts are made for us to order).

Accommodation, food and transport (flights and transfers) participants choose for their own taste and pay for themselves.

3. Where to live?

We inform in advance where the coach will live. Participants independently by themselves book accommodation according to their preferences, preferably near the coach. In the camp chat you will be able to find companions for rent and live together.

4. How is organized the day at the training camp for trailrunner?

Every day 2 trainings are waiting for you: morning basic (2-4 hours) and evening recovery (1-1.5 hours). The day before, the coach sends the track for the morning route to the camp chat. In the morning all participants go or drive from the meeting point to the mountain, to the start of the route. Go / run along the track. About 1:00 p.m. return, eat, sleep. At 4:00 p.m. participants go to the second training - as a rule, it includes light running, special running exercises, general physical exercises, stretching.

In the evenings, common dinners (optional) or coaches' lectures on topics of interest to camp participants (sports physiology, theory and practice of building the training process, features of preparation for trails, selection of equipment for training and competitions, tactics of passing the race, nutrition at the distance, etc.).

5. Will my body be able to overcome 5-6 hours of sports activity every day? Will I have time to recover if these are pre-race camps?

The training program in the camp is built with a gradual increase of workload and then decrease it before the race - for pre-race camps. The coach plans the workload so as to lead the athletes to the trail competitions in optimal physical form. According to your wish or to your feeling you can skip the training day.

6. For which level of athletes will be suitable participation in running camps for trailrunners?

We invite anyone who is able to run a distance from 15 km on the asphalt or 10 km of the trail.

7. What if I will be the slowest, will leave behind the team and will get lost in the mountains?

The day before the coach sends the athletes track of the distance. They have to load it into the sports watch or phone and follow the track. The group is led by at least 2 coaches: Alexander Elkonin goes first, Olga Klenovskaya - last, accompanies the last participant. Every 20-25 minutes the group gathers at one point. Coach Alexander Elkonin organizes running camps since 2018 and has not lost anyone so far.

8. What clothing, footwear and equipment are required for participants of the training camp??

Standard list of mandatory equipment (depending on location and season can be adjusted):

    • Running clothes for expected weather, 2 sets; at least 1 set of long sleeves + long taits

    • Membrane jacket (rain passing into snow and back is possible in the mountains)

    • Membrane pants

    • Gloves or mittens

    • Hat or Buff

    • Cap or visor

    • Running shoes 2 pairs

    • Socks 2-3 pair

    • Sport underwear

    • Running backpack/waistcoat with hydrator or soft bottles (1 liter minimum)

    • Survival blanket

    • Running / trekking sticks

    • Sports watch with navigation or watch + navigator

    • Headlamp

    • Spare batteries, power bank, etc.

    • Casual clothes / shoes by weather

    • Sun cream SPF30+

    • Sunglasses (to protect from the sun and sand dust)

We list the mandatory equipment in the program of each camp.

All items from the list are MANDATORY for your safety.

9. Is it necessary to have special running gels / isotonics at the running camps?

No, we’re not going to have any super intense workloads that require special sports food. It is necessary to take water and food to the morning trainings, but it can be ordinary candy or cookies.

However, trainings during the trailrunners' camps are the great opportunity to test gels and isotonics, which you will use at the race later.

10. Can I come to sports camp with my family?

Since participants choose their own accommodation themselves, you can live with children, spouse and even mother-in-law - just arrange looking after them during your training. For evening dinners, walks and lectures, family members can join the group if they wish.

11. If I don’t take part in the competition, can I join the pre-race camp?

Yes, you can. The coach developes a training plan according to your abilities and goals.

12. How can I book a place in the ERA camp?

Just email us to or to the telegram @era_running. Olga Klenovskaya will contact you, answer all your questions and add you to the camp chat.

Any question? Ask!