Training formats

Remote coaching of athletes
Run with the coach anywhere in the world!

Coach writes a plan for each week at the TrainingPeaks platform, runner performs it, the process and the result are recorded in the training log in TrainingPeaks. Runner gives feedback by phone/messenger.

Individual trainings in Israel
Place and time to be agreed

Program of training session (to be adjusted according to physical conditions and goals of athlete): warm-up, exercises (running technique or strength training), intense running (interval training / variable pace / tempo running). Stretching.

Group Trainings in Haifa
Beach Bat Galim, Haifa

For beginners: drilling the elements of the right running technique, which allow you to run long and safe. For experienced runners: special running exercises, speed-ups, general physical exercises. Proper running technique is a basis of high speed.

Running together in Haifa (for free)
Place and time - in Telegram @Runhaifa

@RunHaifa Running Community  is a social project of Alexander Elkonin. New repatriates find friends while running together in talkong pace. Announcements are in Telegram @RunHaifa

How does running with the coach begin?

Как начинается работа с тренером по бегу

If you decide to train with Alexander Elkonin, then at the first meeting the coach will ask you 4 questions in order to develop individual plans specifically for you:

  1. Your motivation and goal setting – why do you run?
  2. Running and sports background?
  3. Age, height, weight, best time at different distances, heart rate zones?
  4. Resources and restrictions: convenient time and place for training, weekly rhythm, injuries, illnesses, preferences.
  • If a person comes to lose weight, the coach provides him with sufficient physical activity within his current physical condition, so the task is not to break a first-time-runner.
  • If the goal is to run faster, then we improve running technique, increase strength and develop stamina.
  • If you want to participate in a specific race, we prepare for it, we investigate what is missing, we concentrate on the specifics of the track, the start conditions.

And, of course, a special story – the mountains. Alexander Elkonin is in love with mountains and sooner or later he captivates his students with the mountains, even those who started with flat marathons. Therefore, if you are thinking about a mountain trail, then the ERA running club is your best choice.  

What the training process consists of?

  • Individual or group training with the coach, take place in Israel, Haifa .
  • Workouts the athletes do on their own in accordance with the training plan. The coach writes weekly plan for each individual on the TrainingPeaks platform. The plan should lead to the achievement of the students goals. Why is the planning horizon a week? On the one hand, runners would like to see the longest possible perspective, but on the other hand, the coach adjusts the plan according to the well-being, results and personal circumstances of the athlete. The basis for adjusting plans is the comments that runners leave in their training log on the TrainingPeaks platform. Also, at least once a week, they call or write to the coach and tell how the week passed, how hard/easy the training was, what awaits at work next week: emergency, business trip or freedom at remote job – the coach will take into account all these factors while making a plan for the next week.
  • Trips for training camps, usually in the mountains, for 7-10 days, 3-4 times a year.
  • Working on running technique – video analysis: shooting video at high frame rate, scrolling slowly, evaluating movements, looking for what can be changed to run easier, faster, safer.
  • General physical training: the vast majority of those who run need to take care to load the whole body. For some runners whole-body workouts is a permanent component of the training plan
Из чего состоит тренировочный процесс

Locations of group trainings in the city of Haifa, Israel:

At Sportek Stadium (Newe-Shaanan district)
  • 32.789163, 35.010553
  • Yohanan Ratner/Simha Golan Road, Haifa
  • בצומת דרכים יוחנן רטנר ודרך שמחה גולן
On the beach – from Casino Bat Galim
  • 32.833983, 34.976885
  • Sderot Bat Galim 1, Haifa
  • בצומת דרכים שדרות בת גלים ודרך רציף אהרון רוזנפלד

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