Marathoners are Built Here

Runnin club ERA – Elkonin Running Addicts.
We are united by the dependence on running and by our coach – Alexander Elkonin.
5 reasons to run with coach Alexander Elkonin

Unique combination of trainer and doctor’s competencies

Alexander Elkonin is a PhD in Medical Sciences, and first of all he takes care of your health, and then of your sport results. He gives a soft and various load, always feels how not to overload the athlete. Embeds workouts into your work and family schedules as he writes training plans for amateurs.


Individual training plans

No program is smarter than the man who wrote it. At the ERA club, you work with an online (but alive!) coach through the Training Peaks platform. You follow individual plans written by a living person. Only a human being will hear tiredness in your voice, and will believe the voice, not the brave report on the online platform. The basis of running plans – unlimited feedback of coach with athlete


Preparation for mountain trails

You live in the city but dream of running mountain trails? Alexander not only runs mountain ultramarathons, but also organizes trails as part of the team Wild Family and knows by heart all the tracks of Dagestan Wild Trail or Rosa Wild Trail, because he himself paved them. At the pre-race training camps, the coach teaches you how to run up and down, work with sticks, develop a plan for the race and, most importantly, in the training mode coach passes with you the most difficult areas of the upcoming competition.


Тренер для умных

You want to not just run, but understand what theory is behind your training plan? Alexander Elkonin teaches at Leonid Shvetsov’s School of Coaches, answers questions about running at Youtube channel ERA_RUN and at seven podcast platforms, writes articles for Sport Express and, reads lectures at Sportmarathon. Ask questions to Alexander and listen to the answers every Sunday on the latest podcast “When your coach is a doctor.”


Recovery from sports injuries

Many students came to Alexander from previous coaches either after an injury, or after the results did not grow for years. And stayed with him for the next years (there are those who train with Alexander since 2015 and continue to progress). When your coach is a doctor, it means that he understands the structure of your muscles, joints and cardiovascular system and is guided by the doctor’s main principle of “do no harm”

Podcast about running “When Your Coach is a Doctor”

  • How to start running after an injury?
  • How do you lose weight via running?
  • How to diversify running training?
  • What can replace running during an injury?
  • Can you run if your feet hurt?

To these and other questions coach (and doctor) Alexander Elkonin answers every Saturday in the podcast (in Russian) «When your coach is a doctor», or all you wanted to know about running, but did not know who to ask».

The author of the most interesting question receives a prize – ERA-bandana.

Listen to answers in the podcast

    Watch or listen to the answers of the coach on the podcast “When your coach is a doctor, or all you wanted to know about running, but didn’t know who to ask”:

    Like any program called «When your coach is a doctor», the podcast has psychotherapeutic and antiviral effects. The effect is tripled when you listen while running.

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