Running camp in Cappadocia 2023

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Cappadocia ERA Camp 2023
22.09. – 13.10.2023

Pre-race running camp to prepare to the most beautiful race in Turkey “Cappadocia Ultra Trail 2023”.

Have you ever dreamed of running in the moonlight landscape, in caves and canyons, between stone mushrooms and phalluses? In a park that is a UNESCO World Heritage Site? On the ground, where in the 6th century B.C. walked Alexander the Great, and in the 3rd century – George Pobedonosets? And that in the sky above you wold be hovering tens, maybe hundreds of colorful balloons?

– Welcome to Cappadocia – to our pre-race running camp “Cappadocia ERA Camp 2023”!


22 September – 13 October 2023. Early check-in and late check-out are at the participants’ wish.

You can join the running camp for trailrunners in Cappadocia for any number of days.


Cappadocia (Turkey) – Goreme village

Logistics at Cappadocia ERA Camp 2023:

You can get to Cappadocia from two Turkish airports – Nevsehir Cappadocia (NAV) and Kayseri Erkilet (ASR).
To airports Nevsehir Kapadokya (NAV) and Kayseri Erkilet (ASR) there are direct flights from international airports Istanbul Ataturk (IST) and Antalya (AYT).
Also you can get to Cappadocia by car or by bus – read the details on the web site of  Cappadocia Ultra Trail 2023.

The organizers (Alexander Elkonin and Olga Klenovskaya) will live in Cappadocia in the village of Goreme – it makes sense for the participants to look for housing nearby. Alexander Elkonin rented a car for the internal tranfer.

Accommodation and meals in Cappadocia:

As participants join the running camp on the dates convenient to them, they organise accommodation and meals themselves according to their own level of comfort.  We recommend to sportsmen to book accommodation near the coach’s apartment (N 38° 38.553, E 34° 49.607  Адрес: Uzun Dere Caddesi 5. mahalle 23/2, 50180 Goreme ). To find accommodation, you can use the web sites,,,,,

Cappadocia ERA Camp 2023 Предстартовые беговые сборы в Турции

Training Program of the running camp in Cappadocia – Cappadocia ERA Camp 2023:

●     Two training sessions per day: morning «main training» 2-4 hours, and evening «recovery» 1-1.5 hours.

●      Shifting of long-term steady workload of different intensity, interval works, technical exercises on uphills and downhills (the exact plan of excercises the coach will compose depending on the level of training participants)
●      Improvement of of running technique uphill and downhill in technically difficult mountain areas. The skills which trailrunners will  acquire at the training camp will help to confidently distribute power on the mooving  up, so that you can quickly, easily and safely run on long runs down.

●     Development of endurance and strength, necessary as a foundation for preparation for future starts.

●      Lectures on relevant topics (sports physiology, theory and practice of building of a training process, features of preparation for trails, selection of equipment for training and competitions, tactics of passing the race, nutrition at the distance, etc.) in the evenings.

●      Organizers Alexander Elkonin and Olga Klenovskaya speak fluent Russian and English. 

Preliminary schedule of running camp (morning trainings):

21.09.2023 (Thursday) – Arrival of the organizers

22.09.2023 (Friday) – Expolration – hiking in the mountains , 15-20 km

23.09.2023 (Saturday) – Exploration – hiking in the mountains, 15-21 km

24.09.2023 (Sunday) – Arrival of participants, check-in, intruduction, walk, 5-10 km

25.09.2023 (Monday) – Light run, 8-10 km

26.09.2023 (Tuesday) – Uphill running technique, work with sticks, 10-12 km

27.09.2023 (Wednesday) – Light run, 8-10 km

28.09.2023 (Thursday) – Downhill running technique, 10-12 km

29.09.2023 (Friday) – Light running, 8-10 km

30.09.2023 (Saturday) – Long training, Khodul mountain (1937 m), 15-20 km

01.10.2023 (Sunday) – Hiking (walk+run) 2.5-3 h, 20-22 km

02.10.2023 (Monday) – Light run, 8-10 km

03.10.2023 (Tuesday) – Speed run training, 8-10 km

04.10.2023 (Wednesday) – Hiking (walk+run) 4-5 h, 10-12 km

05.10.2023 (Thursday) – Light run, 8-10 km

06.10.2023 (Friday) – Interval training, 12-15 km

07.10.2023 (Saturday) Uphill running technique, work with sticks, 10-12 km

08.10.2023 (Sunday) – Light run, 8-10 km

09.10.2023 (Monday) – Downhill running technique, 10-12 km

10.10.2023 (Tuesday) Long training, 20-22 km

11.10.2023 (Wednesday) – Uphill and  downhill running technique, 8-10 km

12.10.2023 (Thursday) – Light running, 8-10 km

13.10.2023 (Friday) – Rest day before the race

14.10.2023 (Saturday) – Salomon Cappadocia Ultra Trail

15.10.2023 (Sunday) – Salomon Cappadocia Ultra Trail

Evening training – walks or light runs in the surrounding area, general phisical exercises. If the morning training is more than 20 km, the evening training may be cancelled.

The current plan of running camp is preliminary and can be changed due to the specific circumstances of the event: weather, state of participants, agricultural, holiday and other activity of the local habitants, etc.

Cappadocia ERA Camp 2023 Предстартовые беговые сборы в Турции

Mandatory equipment for participants of the training camp:

  • Running clothes for expected weather (0 to + 25), 2 sets; at least 1 set of long sleeves + long taits
  • Membrane jacket (rain passing into snow and back is possible in the mountains)
  • Membrane pants
  • Gloves or mittens
  • Hat or Buff
  • Cap or visor
  • Running shoes 2 pairs
  • Socks 2-3 pair
  • Sport underwear
  • Running backpack/waistcoat with hydrator or soft bottles (1 l minimum)
  • Survival blanket
  • Running/trekking sticks
  • Sports watch with navigation or watch + navigator
  • Headlamp
  • Spare batteries, power bank, etc.
  • Casual clothes/shoes by weather
  • Sun cream SPF30+
  • Sunglasses (to protect from the sun and sand dust)
Cappadocia ERA Camp 2023 Предстартовые беговые сборы в Турции


40 euro for 1 training day in the running camp. Registration fee covers the work of the coach, including:

  • Preparation and correction of the plan of running training;
  • Distribution of workloads according to the goals and capabilities of participants;
  • Route development and guidance on the route;
  • Improvement of the running technique uphill and downhill in technically difficult areas, practice of the skills of moving with sticks;
  • Adjustment of smooth running techniques if necessary, transfer it to technically demanding areas;
  • Unlimited advice of the running coach Alexander Elkonin;
  • A lot of running photos for your social networks.

ERA T-shirt as a gift to those who participate in the camp 3 or more days (when registering for the camp until 21.08.23. Then – T-shirts if available, ERA bandana – guaranteed, because T-shirts are made for us to order).

Accommodation, food and transport (flights and transfers) participants choose for their own taste and pay for themselves.

Cappadocia ERA Camp 2023 Предстартовый тренировочный лагерь в Турции

Conditions of participation:

1. By paying the registration fee, the participant confirms his acceptance that he or she

Got the full info on:

  • Programme of stay, route and conditions of the event, including information on living and meal conditions
  • On the habits of the local population, on religious ceremonies, sacred sites, natural monuments, history, culture
  • Possible risks and their consequences for life and health due to being in the mountainous terrain

Fully and unconditionally undertakes to:

  • Follow the coach’s instructions during the active part of the event
  • Respect nature, historical monuments, buildings, agricultural buildings, objects of beautification, etc.
  • Respect rules and restrictions related to religious and cultural specificities of the region

2.       Presentation of a health insurance policy covering the risks of high-dangerous sports for the entire duration of the sports camp.

Additional information:;; @era_running; +7 915 760 50 10 (telegram, watsap),  +972-53-356-8176 (phone calls)

Thanks for the photo from Cappadocia Alexander Kryukov!

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